Immateria material

So, Promethea (by Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III et al) is flipping tremendous. I recently re-read it all and wrote a short review for Readers of the Lost Art explaining why it's so tremendous. You should perhaps read this Promethea review now.


The dead may walk but I prefer a pony

Anyway, this was done a while back, I think in response to a comment about how the lead actor in The Walking Dead television series is (for a certain generation of the UK audience) inescapably associated with his his role in 90's twentysomething drama series This Life.


Miscellaneous doodles

Just a few little bits and bobs I got round to scanning. All doodled for no particular reason.

A sort of barbarian fellow with an axe?

Some sort of sports fan bird?

And some sort of rat ogre?

And why not, eh?