Making 'Making' for Makers

The latest Paper Jam Comics Collective anthology, Making ...And That has been, er, made! It's being launched at the amazing Maker Faire!

Paper Jam had a table at the first Maker Faire in the UK (back in 2009) and we felt it was about time we represented once again at the low-tech end of the punky DIY creative spirit that Maker Faire (and PJCC) is all about.

The comic, then, is themed around making stuff and covers the making of a range of things from the international space station to D&D characters to jam - and, of course, comics.

I've done a couple of one-pagers for it, one about the amazingness of the humble paper clip and one about the interlinked nature of stuff in the modern world.

If you're around in Newcastle this weekend, you should definitely check out the Maker Faire, it's always full of astounding sights and a palpable passion for science and creativity, and even if all the soldering and coding seems too techy for you, hey, roll by the PJCC table and makes some comics, we'll even provide the pens and paper.


Radio even more on

As mentioned previously, the excellent music-themed comic anthology Radio On recently released it's second issue, which featured a daft little story by me about ROCK (amongst much other fine work).

Well! Slightly belatedly, it's getting a 'proper' launch - Saturday 23rd January at the Central Bar, Gateshead, from 7.30pm. Full details here!

Featuring live music from HelixHelix, plus DJ sets from Santa Sangre and... The Creature From The Funk Lagoon! Yep, I'll be slapdashedly spinning some entertaining choons for dancin' feet.

And it's all free. Well, you're encouraged to have purchased a copy of the comic, but, like, the comic is good value even without a mint night of musical entertainment thrown into the bargain, so you should totally get in on this!


Paperjammeners assemble

So, the Paper Jam Comics Collective is nearly nine years old and is releasing it's twelfth anthology Happy ...And That at The Paperjammening - a micro comic con happening in Travelling Man Newcastle's basement tomorrow, with loads of excellent comics for sale from Paper Jam members plus there'll be doodling and jam comics and good times.

I've got a story in the new anthology about beer, plus I'll be attempting to flog my range of very small comics at the event, but don't let that put you off.




Well, it's getting a bit autumnal, the nights are starting to draw in, and it's Halloween soon. What better way to contemplate this spooky time of year than with an exhibition of works addressing the idea of monsters?

North Shields' finest arts hub, Creative Up North will be running just such an exhibition, curated by creative polymath and all-round megadude Paul Thompson, from 28th October through to 8th November...

I'm delighted to be part of it, and will be exhibiting some slightly silly collages (around the theme of chimeras, naturally). Here's a sneak peek...

Whoa! See more of this handsome fellow at the exhibition.

Plus! There'll be a fabulous catalogue book of the exhibition for sale, and there's an opening preview event on the evening of the 27th (and possibly other stuff happening as the exhibition goes on). See the facebook blah for more details.