Funking instigator

Following on from a successful inaugural attempt a couple of months back, the North Shields Soul Exchange returns! https://www.facebook.com/events/1927851720795624

More funk! More soul! More other boogietastic bustamovery!

Adventure! Comics! A Machine! Amazement!

Paper Jam has been busy. The new anthology, The Amazing Adventure Comics Machine ... And That, the second PJCC anthology to be aimed at kids and the first to be in full colour, has been dual-launched at Canny Comic Con and the Maker Faire.

It's great and looks like this:

I have some stuff in. First, in The Really Really Long Journey, a trio of wizards must defeat an evil overlord by going on a really loooooong journey to do the thing with the macguffin.

Plus I did a couple of puzzles featuring Captain Dafty, who has to get out of tricky situations (caused by nefarious enemy Bob McNemesis) that can only be resolved using puzzle-solving.

It's full of all kinds of other bonkers stuff and you can find more info about it (and purchase it) here.