Really REALLY stupid

My last comic, The Device (a proper 24-hour comic that I put out a little over a year ago), wasn't a massive success.

For something entirely done in twenty four hours, I did think it had a little depth and cleverness and was vaguely proud of it, but everyone else seemed to be totally baffled (or disinterested) by it.

More recently a couple of people have said nice things about it (suggesting that it's not out of the realm of possibility that some people do 'get' it), but still, the initial reaction concerned me enough to re-evaluate what I do comics about.

Anyway, after a bit of sulky/lazy hiatus, I've done a new Tales of Extraordinariness with the intention of it being the stupidest and most pointless publication EVER. If you like the sound of a very small comic featuring: stupidness and action (plus maybe spaceships, tea, showdowns and more stupidty), you can get a hold of Tales of Extraordinariness #3: 'Stupid Action Comic' very soon.


Everyone loves comics

A very rough poster idea from back in the Canny Comic Con planning stages last year.


One of those year round-up things, except rubbish

It's that time isn't it? After all the tinselled gluttony (and the accompanying merciful break from having to look at the internet), it's now another new and rubbish year and one cannot escape seeing that over the festive period everyone has done a blog post describing all the amazing stuff they've done in the last year - and truly, it seems that everyone has done some properly amazing stuff. Bah. It is awful. Absolute wretchedness. To have such go-getting talented associates, all doing productive and exciting things with their existences only provides an increasingly stark contrast to one's own extensive deficiencies and failings in that regard. In 2011, it seems I basically did nothing. Aside from a few doodles and whatnot, the fundamental fact is: I printed no new comics at all. AT ALL. Not even a new Paper Jam anthology. Plus: no music, no film, no prose. I don't think I even read/watched/listened to anything good. In fact I don't think I even wasted it on TV or xbox. Holy crap, what was I doing? What was I doing? Where did the year go? Come to that, where did the last five years go? Actually the last decade?

Well, bah. I hope if anyone is unfortunate enough to stumble across this deluge of self-pity and whinging, at least it might provide some small measure of schadenfreude, as I am certain you have done more with 2011 than I did.

2012 promises to be rubbish too.