Things that have happened previously ...and that

So, although this blog is kind of new, 'Oscillating Brow' has been around a while. This is mainly representative of an utter failure to produce even the shortest comic to be photocopied and produced under this imprint.

However, Oscillating Brow work is out there! The Paper Jam Comics Collective (which has been going for around two and a half years, based in the Travelling Man comic shop in Newcastle) has put out five (count 'em, FIVE) anthologies and Oscillating Brow material has appeared in them all. For those interested, the anthologies have been:
  • ...And That - The legendary original. Made for Free Comic Book Day 2007, about 70 copies were made and all were given away free. Now out of print, though it can be found online.
  • Halloween ...And That - spooky Halloween themed stuff. Quite nice production values. A few hundred were printed so there are still some available.
  • 24 Minutes ...And That - based around a perennial favourite activity of the group (a variation on '24 hour comics', doing comics in, yes, 24 minutes, mostly one page on a randomly-set theme), it was the product of one hectic evening's activity. Surprisingly quite good. Was the first to be launched with a party (bands, cake, and comics goodness). There may be a few of the second print run still knocking around, or maybe not.
  • You Will Have To Wait ...And That - a rather obtuse theme, based on odd objects and the phrase 'you will have to wait', but a nice collection. Another tremendous launch party occurred for this one. I think it is out of print.
  • Robots ...And That - the current publication, an absolute monster: more pages, better quality work, a larger-than-A5 square format, a giant launch event at the Star & Shadow Cinema. On the shelf right now. If you are ever in Newcastle and read comics, you should go and buy this a.s.a.p.

There will be more of these and hopefully at least a few pitifully tiny comics made entirely by Oscillating Brow will be out soon.