2009, bah

For reports on the goings-on in the world of comics in the North East of England in 2009, I'd suggest that interested persons investigate the blogs of the members of the Paper Jam Comics Collective (links on the right of the Paper Jam Comics Collective's blog). Many of these bright and wondrous people report on the myriad exciting and excellent things they have been up to in 2009 and look forward to the many exciting and excellent things they will be getting up to in 2010.

Things roll a bit different here at Oscillating Brow Stuff.

Highlights of 2009!
2009 was yet another year of pathetically poor output, where, with tedious predictability, ennui and inefficiency allowed the innumerable banalities of life to crush any spluttering remnants of creative potential, leaving only melancholy, misanthropy and self-loathing. The few shoddy things that did get done in the year served only to highlight what a pointless, useless, worthless excuse-for-a-human-being created them, proficient only in wasting a miserable nonexistence doing nothing.

Predictions for 2010!

Happy New Decade Y'all!