A sort of a post-military-electro-folk-plinky-plonky sound

So a little while ago, I posted a remix I'd recently completed. I said I might dig out some of my own musical meanderings and post them too. So here is a little something I hope you might think is okay, a track I've called Out Of The Cold And Into The Light:

I found it on an old computer so the track must be several years old at least. It's still pretty rough and although  I was tempted to try and neaten it up a bit, in the end I decided it was pretty much fine as it was and that I quite like its little quirks. As with most of my (limited) musical output, it was created using Buzz.

Anyway, have a listen. I hope you like it. It is quite a slow build but it gets a bit more upbeat in the latter half. And hey, you can download it if you like it (under a Creative Commons license) from my Official FM page.