Sugar Glider Issue 3

Time for more fan art! This time: Sugar Glider.

Actually, I've done fan art for Sugar Glider previously, but the challenge of a design-a-cover competition (in celebration of the upcoming third and final issue of the series) enticed me back to this fine comic.

Susie 'Sugar Glider' Sullivan is a Geordie teenage vigilante in a world with superheroes. Writer Daniel Clifford's touch for contrasting the everyday with the extraordinary, combined with artist Gary Bainbridge's distinctive black and white art style and astute eye for Novocastrian architectural detail, creates a story that impresses with earnest enthusiasm for superheroics while still remaining rooted in a recognisable unsensationalist reality.

The main issues have been supplemented by two anthologies and a mini comic - allowing the world to stretch out and breathe.

And now you can read it all online (free) at sugarglidercomics.co.uk

You should go and have a look. And enter the contest!

Here's my idea:


As you can see, I decided to focus on the rather iconic costume. I think it warrants it. In fact, I think it was the character design, idly doodled one evening by Gary, that prompted Daniel to pitch him a story idea, and the whole project expanded from there. It's a strong visual that chimes with classic superhero archetypes while still feeling fresh, and I thought it would be geet cool to see how far I could take it towards minimalist abstraction.

Plus of course, I'm lazy and thought I could get away with mucking around with design instead of doing a proper drawing. Always thinking!

UPDATE: Sugar Glider #3, the senses-shattering conclusion, is out now! My design is featured in a little gallery at the back! But don't let that put you off! Grab a copy now!