Local comics by local people about the locality

So Paper Jam has finally got itself in gear and done a new anthology - Newcastle Stories ...And That. It's themed around PJCC's hometown stomping grounds of Newcastle-upon -Tyne and is being released at a Late Shows event at the Holy Biscuit gallery's 'Urban Fictions' exhibition on 16th May. The Lates Shows is good, you should check it out, generally and also stop by and get some of this fine comic.

However, if you can't make the event, subsequently the comic will probably be available from Travelling Man comic shop.

Forty-ish pages of top comics goodness, with a cover, of course, by longtime PJCCer Gary Bainbridge - renowned purveyor of locally-set comics and art. More info and contributor list.

I did a story called 'Stump'. It was tough coming up with a story that really satisfactorily addressed the theme; after all, what is a place, its essence, what can one say about it that you couldn't say about another place? I tried to combine personal recollection with historical fact and kinda draw attention to the gulf in scale between those two elements to get across some sense of how insignificant we are in an objective sense yet how rooted in our own perspective we are. Also, it features the Hancock Museum and at least two plastic dinosaurs.

Anyway, should be an good comic with loads of interesting local info.