Making 'Making' for Makers

The latest Paper Jam Comics Collective anthology, Making ...And That has been, er, made! It's being launched at the amazing Maker Faire!

Paper Jam had a table at the first Maker Faire in the UK (back in 2009) and we felt it was about time we represented once again at the low-tech end of the punky DIY creative spirit that Maker Faire (and PJCC) is all about.

The comic, then, is themed around making stuff and covers the making of a range of things from the international space station to D&D characters to jam - and, of course, comics.

I've done a couple of one-pagers for it, one about the amazingness of the humble paper clip and one about the interlinked nature of stuff in the modern world.

If you're around in Newcastle this weekend, you should definitely check out the Maker Faire, it's always full of astounding sights and a palpable passion for science and creativity, and even if all the soldering and coding seems too techy for you, hey, roll by the PJCC table and makes some comics, we'll even provide the pens and paper.