Yes, the wait is over, there is a new Oscillating Brow comic. It is a bit small, but never mind.

Several plucky comic-makers from the Paper Jam Comics Collective did a 24 hour comic. The challenge they faced was: to start from nothing (no preparation allowed) and draw a complete 24-page comic within 24 hours (following the original Scott McCloud rules). They succeeded and are all tremendous admirable people and I salute them.

For people less keen to stay up all night there was a social 'Drink and Draw' event in the evening which I was at. After having said hello to those brave souls slaving away over their 24-hour epics, I decided that in an act of solidarity and/or smartarsery, I would do a 24 hour comic just at the Drink and Draw. It is very small (A8 landscape I think) and is about a cat and other things which rhyme with cat and it's called, somewhat unimaginatively, 'CAT'.

If you like such things, you may be able to purchase CAT soon (see next post).

In other news, later that weekend, the legendary Alan Moore rolled into town and did a wacky AV event with several collaborators entitled An English Journey Revisited. It was a bit noisy but impressively odd. Mr Moore was as hairy as he is in your dreams.