Viva the medium-sized press

Paper Jam Comics Collective was on tour last weekend at: the Washington Arts Centre - in Washington! P.R.E.S.S. had put on a groovy little get-together celebrating the wonder of small press things. Read the official Paper Jam write up! DO IT NOW!

It was a nice mixed gathering, plenty of local prose and poetry publishers vending their fine wares, but also a chunky comics contingent: aside from Paper Jam and the remnants of the There Goes Tokyo small press stockpile, there were also Unico comics and London-based WAW+P (thoroughly nice folks).

It was a nice do, and seeing quite interesting things being done that experimented with the physical nature of print publications was quite inspiring. From books that were essentially sculptures on one stall (that I'm too rubbish to track a link to), to WAW+P's ambitious Solipsistic Pop anthologies, to Paper Jam's Mike D who provided a tremendously fun zine trail, it was all quite thought-provoking about what the printed format can do.

That said, my next publication is still almost certainly going to be an A6 photocopied shambles, but it now might be ironic.