The future is somehow not what was expected

Can you believe it has been over ten years since all that business about the millenium?

Are we in some futuristic utopia? Have things got better and more wondrous? I think most people would concur with an answer of 'not really'.

The inexorable rise of Twitter and Facebook and suchlike seems the main product of a decade that was meant to be about stepping boldly forward into the future but has just instead just seen humans getting even stupider.

It was somehow fitting that the decade ended with a track that was recorded in 1992 by Rage Against The Machine as the Christmas pop charts number one, a final feeble pop-cultural wail of disappointment and disillusionment from a populace not sure of anything except that they'd been led to believe that the future was somehow meant to be better.

Anyway, this is all only vaguely connected to the new Oscillating Brow comic, which is much more microcosmic and frankly silly.

Tales of Extraordinariness #2: 'So Much For The Noughties' is a very small and inexpert comic that can now be purchased from Travelling Man Newcastle (and possibly the Made In Newcastle shop and various fairs/cons/whatever in the future), probably for around 30 pence.