Leeds Alternative Comics Fair

Last weekend saw the first Leeds Alternative Comics Fair. It was in a pub ('A Nation of Shopkeepers') in Leeds, wherein a select bunch of small press comics producers sold their wares in a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Paper Jam were amongst them, or at least Gary Bainbridge, Andy Waugh, Paul Thompson and Ben Clark were, I just turned up and insisted on dumping my shoddy comics on the table too.

Anyway, it was thoroughly enjoyable, I bought a bunch of comics, the pub did good beer and food, and I made a brief trip to the wondrous indie-centric comic shop OK Comics during the afternoon. Plenty of comics were sold (even one or two Oscillating Brow ones) and a pretty good time seemed to be had by all. For more info, see the write-ups from organisers Hugh Raine & Steve Tillotson, and Stacey Whittle on the SFX magazine blog.