You will like this

People who like comics-related podcasts should be aware of an exciting new podcast on the Geek Syndicate network called 'If You Like This'.

It takes particular books/TV/films/games/genres/whatever, and recommends comics that fans of the first thing might like.

I will admit to a tiny amount of input into this wondrous new audio delight: I've done the short theme music for it. This is the second podcast that has been blighted by Oscillating Brow music, the other being the equally excellent Small Press Big Mouth (also available on the Geek Syndicate network).

Anyway, anyone who likes things and might like to like comics that are like the things they like will almost certainly like If You Like This, so should check it out now.

The first episode is looking at stuff for people who like either The Wire and/or Boston Legal, so the recommendations have a political/law & order flavour. All bias aside, it's a dang fine show and you would be mad to miss it.