It is probably educational

This weekend sees Newcastle's Paper Jam Comics Collective turning up in force at Leeds' Thought Bubble festival comic convention thing and my word, they have a lot of new stuff for sale (including my own new pamphlet).

Amongst the great deal of exciting new things is the group's latest 'And That' anthology History... And That (see the amazing cover above). The And Thats have been going from strength-to-strength, and this latest one, with a loose history theme, is full of dang good work. It also features an Oscillating Brow one-pager called 'For The Record', which, by examining the start of recorded history, examines the very concept of history and its inherent subjectivity - and is also quite silly.

Amongst the other tremendous gear on show will be A4 Comics Presents, an all ages anthology of great quality put together by mastermind Daniel 'comicsdaniel' Clifford, that features a story 'Trainee Space Chef', written by (former chief of the Oscillating Brow Comics writing team) Quinston Q. Blowfish and drawn by the supremely talented Martin Newman (king of 24HCD Newcastle and Project Z main man). It features: Action! Adventure! Cooking! You should check it out.