A thing which does things

The brand new and biggest ever Oscillating Brow comic will shortly be released on an unsuspecting public.

So what is The Device? The product of my efforts at 24-Hour Comic Day, it's 24 pages of A6 black & white comic. A little story which crosses the boundaries of time and space to tell a tale of human aspiration and failure and success, exploring the human condition. Or something like that.

It features several little cameos. First person to spot them wins respect if not a prize.

The Device will cost a £1 and will be first available from the Paper Jam Comics Collective table at the Thought Bubble festival in Leeds this weekend (also available will be my previous 'works': Cat and Tales of Extraordinariness #1 & #2). Subsequently it will hopefully be available from Travelling Man Newcastle and various other fairs/cons/etc.